Columbus Was The First Person Of Discover The Americas Essay

Columbus Was The First Person Of Discover The Americas Essay

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Columbus was not the first person to discover the Americas. They were Ice age Nomads, who were “Stone Age haunting bands from Asia- migrated from Serbia to Alaska across a land to search for game, or others may have entered the continent from the east. They were separated by the world, when the ice melted and the sea rose” (Griffin, PP1, 8/26/15). The nomads were separated between many groups after about 9,000 years. There were the Hohokam, Anasazi Indians, Andeans, the Hopwellians, Cahokia, Etowah, and the Tequesta Indians. Everything change for Native Americans after the Europeans come. When the Europeans come, some like Columbus did not want anything with the Natives, and treated them as if they did not existed. Europeans would put them into slavery, try to convert them into their religion, or take their land. Others Europeans, treated Natives as if they were people. In some instance, there were treaties to give Indians to other Europeans or some Europeans making treaties with Natives. The struggle for the Native Americans when Europeans come was hard, and the Indians just wanted to get back to the life they knew.
“Christopher Columbus, in the pay of the Spanish court, sailed west from Europe crossing the Atlantic in 1492 en route to India and the legendary hoards of gold and spices rumored to be founded in the East” (Sheets,6). “On October 12, 1492 Columbus landed on a little island in the Bahamas that was called Guanahani by the natives. Renamed San Salvador by Columbus” (Griffin, PP10, 8/31/15). “In the journal of Columbus’s first voyage, he describes the native peoples he encounted, including comments on their appearance, dress, and behavior toward him. While his comments provide a peek into the native culture, they also re...

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...any kind except parrots, on this island” (Columbus, 6-7). When Columbus sailed back to Spain, he “returns with gold, a few Indians, and is instructed by Isabella to go back and Christianize while bring back gold for Ferdinand” (Griffin, PP10, 8/31/15). “Admiral Columbus returns to Hispaniola with 1,500 men including sailors, officials, and clergy to establish a permanent settlement. He brought animals, seeds, tools, and trade goods, but no women.” (Griffin, PP10, 8/31/15). Columbus shall “spread the word of god, search for riches, and opportunity for advancement in life/ society” (Griffin, PP10, 8/31/15). Columbus made many mistakes, and on his third voyage, he felt his authority was challenged. “He goes nuts, kills a bunch, and ships the rest off to Spain as slaves.” (Griffin, PP11, 8/31/15). Columbus did nothing for the Indians, and was no longer supported by Spain.

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