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The Columbus Museum of Art is a place rich in local history. A place where items of historical and artistic value are stored for safekeeping and allow access for public viewing. The museum has several locally named galleries. It also has a cute children’s area, complete with artwork from little local artists from several schools in the area. The children’s area has several pieces of art that children may touch, like Chicken George. I remember touching that chicken when I would visit as a child. The area also has a mini art studio to cater to the little creative minds that pass through.
The Chattahoochee Legacy Hall provides a timeline of history from the first civilizations to the modern day. When first entering I encountered a 15 foot alligator that was illegally killed and preserved and enclosed in a glass case, Oscar the Alligator is a fitting name. Down the hall I encountered an old slave house, where I met Cicero, a young slave who claimed the house was his. He spoke about Horace King and his great building skills. Across from the house, I noticed a beautiful red ceremonial beaded sash. According to the information next to the display I learned it was carried by a Yuchi chief named Sakasemyer, who snuck it through the Trail of Tears. Next to that was a school house, this exhibit was a favorite when I would visit the museum as a child. It is a one-room school complete with a large chalkboard in front behind the teacher’s desk and a smaller one on each of the sixteen desks. The detail is decent, upon walking in I heard an echo from the wooden floors and I noticed a bucket of coal for warming the room in the winter months. On the chalkboard assignments were listed for each particular grade level. The next era i...

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...lry. She incorporated Classical, Gothic and Renaissance architecture to make uniquely gorgeous pieces of jewelry. My favorite in this display were the stunning Watch Tower Earrings. The sterling silver pieces are quite large but they look like a pair of actual watch towers.
The second exhibit entitled Painting with Fire: Works by Betsy Eby. I didn’t spend much time looking at these pieces. Although uniquely done, with heated colored beeswax, and inspired by music, all the artworks looked almost the same. I understand she was inspired by music, however, it looks as if she was listening to the same song on every piece. I wasn’t very impressed with this exhibit.
The Columbus Museum is a wonderful small town Museum. It offers a variety of paintings, furniture, and exhibits. It also provides a detailed timeline of the history of this entire area.

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