Essay about The Columbus Division of Fire and Its Hiring Process

Essay about The Columbus Division of Fire and Its Hiring Process

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Those interested in pursuing a career in firefighting are faced with many options when it comes to selecting a department to apply to. Attaining a career with Columbus Fire is often a goal of students in Central Ohio, and for good reason.


The Columbus Division of Fire is a large organization that hires candidates using a standard civil service hiring process every two years (unless there is not a need). This means that if the city has enough employees at the end of the two-year cycle to continue operations they can opt to forgo a testing process until it is needed. (City of Columbus)

By nature, the civil service hiring process gives no preference to candidates who have received training in their prospective field. No matter what a candidate’s level of fire training, they will be required, upon hire, to attend the Ohio Fire Academy to obtain (or re-obtain) their 240-hour State Of Ohio firefighting certification. This means that fire science students aspiring to join CFD will duplicate their efforts. With over 6,000 applicants in 2011 the odds of obtaining a position at CFD seem slim. The odds of obtaining a position at Columbus Fire might seem unrealistic to some, but I believe that my research will show that there are plenty of reasons why so many people want to work for Columbus Fire.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this report is to evaluate The Columbus Division of Fire as a potential employer for Columbus State fire science students.

In this report I will focus on desirable traits the Columbus Division of fire are looking for, as well as the City’s hiring process, training requirements, offered benefits, probationary period, promotional opportunities, and departmental structure. I will also...

... middle of paper ...

...will continue to rise, and the department’s heavy run volume shows that the need for firefighters will only grow with the city. This makes The Columbus Division of Fire an extraordinary employer for Columbus State Fire Science students.

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