The Columbine Massacre : Columbine Essay

The Columbine Massacre : Columbine Essay

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Researching The Columbine Massacre

On April 20, 1999, hundreds, thousands, even millions of lives were changed. On this tragic day in history in Littleton, Colorado, two high school boys went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School. Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, went into their high school with loaded guns and determination to commit one of the most disturbing crimes ever. The two students rushed in and did as much damage as they possibly could. After taking 13 lives and injuring over 20 more, the two students took their own lives. This would be remembered all around the world as “The Columbine Massacre.”

On this day, one particular person took into this horrifying event and it reshaped her outlook on life as a whole. Crystal Koelsch-Ingram was working in a warehouse when her coworkers rushed into the break room and turned on the news. As she watched, she could not believe what her eyes were seeing. Two teenage boys had shot up their local high school, killed and injured their fellow classmates, and shortly after committed suicide. Koelsch remembers seeing her associates not only gasp in awe at the sight of such appalling news, but seeing some of them cry and break down. She would forever remember the faces of the victims, and the faces of her colleagues as if though they had been there with them.

Nauseated by the news, Koelsch asked herself, “how could two teenage boys do such a things?” This is most likely a question asked by all of the people that heard of this event. There has been a lot of controversy regarding the question as to why the two students initiated such an attack on their peers. Crystal said, “I believe that these boys were troubled outcasts that felt neglected by their peers and wanted reveng...

... middle of paper ... things. If all people were to be more vigilant (not paranoid), but more watchful and prepared, that there would be a decrease in such horrific crimes. Innocent lives would be saved, and our society would flourish.
This life changing event not only altered Crystal’s life, but the lives of pretty much all people and how they would see the world for there on out. She hopes that this made the idea that no threat should ever be taken lightly more prevalent among teachers and parents, and she hopes that students learned that they should have respect for certain situations and their peers. Her final hopes are that as people we can learn and grow from all of these mistakes and tragedies that happen every day. “Columbine may have been a terrible tragedy, but we can take the knowledge that we have gained and passed down to grow and prosper as a society,” Crystal concludes.

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