Columbine High School Shootings Are Notorious For Making Headline News Essay

Columbine High School Shootings Are Notorious For Making Headline News Essay

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April 20th, 1999, Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, experienced a mass shooting. Thirteen people were injured and more than twenty were injured. Twelve were students and one was a teacher. Two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire on their high school for forty one minutes before turning their guns on themselves and committing suicide. School shootings are notorious for making headline news but in 1999, school shooting were not as prevalent as they are in the present day. The media blew up on the catastrophe that was Columbine and many questions were raised, who were these kids and why did they do this? Speculation arose about why they did it. Maybe they were bullied for being goth and social outcasts or maybe they were too influenced by video game violence. However, none of these theories were ever proved true. So what really motivated Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to do what they did? What drove Eric? What drove Dylan?
Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had placed bombs set to detonate at 11:17am, however the bombs failed to detonate due to their inability to correctly wire the detonation timer. They had planned to shoot down the fleeing survivors of the bombs, but when the plan failed, they decided to just go in shooting. They began shooting outside of the school before moving inside to the library, where most of the killings occurred. By 11:35am twelve students and one teacher were dead and by 12pm, Harris and Klebold killed themselves. “Twenty-four of Mr. D’s kids and faculty members would be loaded into ambulances and rushed to hospitals. Thirteen bodies would remain in the building and two more on the grounds. It would be the worst school shooting in American history…” (Columbine Ch.1, Cullen).

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..., Langman). Eric had an entry written about shipping black back to “Afrifuckingca” because “America=white”. He also said that all gays should be killed. One of the best examples of Eric’s sadism is in the school shooting where he appeared to be having the time of his life and was laughing according to eyewitnesses. He also looked under a table to find a girl and said “Peekaboo” before shooting her. Eric felt as if his identity was threatened as there was no evidence to support his narcissistic view of himself. No girlfriend, he was not high status at his school, he was teased by people he hated, he was “arrested and disciplined by a legal system that had power over him” (Why Kids Kill, Langman). There were other people around him with a better status and it threatened him. So he did the one thing he could do when his identity was threatened. To annihilate the threat.

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