Essay on The Columbine High School Massacre

Essay on The Columbine High School Massacre

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On the morning of April 20, 1999, Eric Davis Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold went into the Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, and went on a rampage killing spree leaving 12 students and 1 teacher dead and over 20 people injured before killing themselves. This crime is known as one of the most deadliest school massacres in the United States history (Pittaro).
On the day of the Columbine High School Massacre, previously to the attack both Erick D. Harris and Dylan B. Klebold placed a decoy bomb in a field; they had set the bombs to explode at 11:14 to distract police officials. The two boys then headed to the school and entered the commons shortly after 11:14 a.m. and went unnoticed carrying the big duffel bags with propane bombs inside of them. They placed the two twenty pound duffel bags in the cafeteria with the bombs set to explode at 11:17 a.m. They went back outside and armed themselves, they each strapped on an arsenal covered with a trench coat, a semiautomatic, a shotgun, and a backpack full of different types of bombs. The boys then set the timers on the bombs set inside each of their cars outside the school. The boys sat outside armed waiting outside for the bombs to explode and shoot any survivors trying to escape the building; their plan was to kill all of the students and people inside the building. At about 11:19 a.m. when the two boys noticed that the bombs did not explode they proceeded on to a different plan and went in the school armed with guns beneath their trench coats climbing the external stairs to the west side of the school. The entrance positioned them on the highest point of the campus where they could see all the exits on that side of the building. They then opened fire and started shooting ...

... middle of paper ... driven to kill and might have caused a bigger destruction if he would have waited years later to have caused destruction; he would have done something worse than the Columbine High School Massacre. Dylan B. Klebold was depressed, suicidal, and weak minded; he felt like an outcast compared to the rest of the students. Dylan B. Klebold might not have gone through with the shooting alone if he wouldn’t have been driven with the motive to kill by following Eric D. Harris and trying to be like him (Cullen).
The Columbine High School Massacre was the first school massacre that impacted the United States. The consequences of the Columbine High school massacre have been devastating; from marking the beginning of more school shootings, triggering more students to commit similar acts as the Columbine High School Massacre killers, and the increase in violence in schools.

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