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When one is looking at a country’s government there are a few things that one should look at specifically: the type of government, the leadership and how it is achieved, and how the people are represented in the government. At times it can be difficult to find this information, especially true information, while at other times it can be very easy. The latter is true for the Columbian government.
The Columbian government looks and runs very similar to the United States government, at least on a federal level. This means that the government is a republic and unlike some countries where they claim to be but are not actually, Columbia is. Their government has three parts to it, just as ours does: the executive branch, the legislature branch, and the judicial branch. The executive branch contains the president, Juan Manuel Santos Calderon, the vice-president, Angelino Garzon, and the president’s cabinet. The president is voted for by the people and serves a four year term with the chance of running for a second term. The current president has only been in office since August 7, 2010. The vice-president and cabinet are chosen by the president. The legislature branch is made up of a bicameral Congress which is made of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate is composed of one hundred and two seats and the Senators are elected by the people for a four-year term. The House is made of one hundred and sixty-six seats and is also voted for by the people for a four-year term as well. The House seats are represented by two seats for every one of the thirty-three departments, which is like a state, and then an additional member for every 250,000 citizens or a fraction of more than 125,000 citizens over the original 250,000. The...

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...e main thing, this goes with the idea that American government is very traditional. While the Colombian government does differ from the United States it also bares some resemblance to the Untied States’. That is they both elect their president for a four-year term and that president can not serve more than two terms, also their Congress has the same time limits as the United States. The Colombian government has a violent and corrupt history that they are trying to put behind them and are slowly correcting their faults but it is a work in progress.


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