The Columbian Exchange Led Positive And Negative Impacts On Africa Essay

The Columbian Exchange Led Positive And Negative Impacts On Africa Essay

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1. The Native American societies that grew in Mesoamerica/ South America and northern Mexico/ North America contain similarities and differences. Some of the similarities between these societies were the ways they raised and harvested their crops. These ways helped in trading with other origins and to spread agriculture. Mesoamerica was a clustered area and later these societies became known as chiefdoms. Where as in the North American societies, they were smaller, and “un- evenly distributed”. Another similarity that the Native American societies shared was that the Mesoamericans had to live within the certain strict limits of kinship, and North America shared the same qualities of these strict marriages.

Chapter 2: The rise of the Atlantic World, 1400-1625
1. The Columbian Exchange led positive and negative impacts on Africa, the New World, and the Old World. The positive side of the Columbian Exchange would be that it led to a wider variety of agriculture and livestock that was traded between the Old World and the New World. Some of the New World items traded would be avocado, chocolate, turkey, tobacco, etc. and some of the Old World items consisted of lettuce, peaches, coffee, wheat, bananas and other fruits. These types of goods weren’t the only things traded. As bad as it sounds, animals and even people were also traded. Additionally, ideas in technology were traded to make travel easier and made new items such as sails and compasses to work better with cross winds and gain more knowledge for the travels. Africa gained more and more manufactured goods from Europe which was the positive, but it was in exchange for slaves in the New World, which was the negative. This soon became known as the Triangular Trade. Following ...

... middle of paper ... King Jr. started to open people’s eyes that any form of discrimination, whether it was race, religion, ethnicity, or gender was getting society nowhere and only causing disorder in people’s everyday lives. After the French revolution, the idea of having classes wasn’t terminated, but it was changed over time. America saw that it was not right, nor fair to only have the royal family role in money and not give the people anything, so we came up with the three classes. They are the upper, middle, and lower classes. Now that America is over populated, it is important for us to know and be aware of the many ethnicities around us. For example, English is our dominate language, but since we have more Hispanics now, jobs may ask to see if you know how to speak or understand Spanish to be over qualified for the job because that could be useful in the United States today.

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