Colors in Lauren L. Fisher´s Summer Ramble Essay

Colors in Lauren L. Fisher´s Summer Ramble Essay

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Art can mean be so influential and meaningful to those that view it, the elements of art pull the piece together making it appealing to the audience. Art can also embark and create an impact through the artist’s content creating a change in emotion of the viewer. In the artwork “Summer Ramble” by Lauren L Fisher, the vivid colors and unique balance attracted my attention the piece. Expressive colors combined with interesting form are pieces that I always find myself gravitating towards, because they bring out an emotion of happiness and joy that lives within. This piece particularly exposes those wonderful and positive emotions that I hold in, it revokes the great times that I've had in my life so far, but can also appeal to the unfavorable ones that remain in the past.
In Lauren Fishers piece she uses many forms of the various elements of art which draws in Fisher’s viewers. Using geographic and organic shapes throughout her piece, the structured shapes contrasted with the unpronounced shapes creates diversity and balance in the piece which makes it very intriguing to view. To add to her piece she also focuses on using both warm and cool colors, this brings more variety of color to her piece but it also emphasizes the content of her piece, which elicits the brightness of summertime. One of the main things that she does in her piece is uses directional line, she does this by forming a line of bees from the bottom of the painting to the top, what this does is guides the viewers eye to the top of the painting which displays brightness and positivity. Another important element of art she uses is implied texture, towards the bottom of her piece there are circles that seemed to be the texture of honey combs. By viewing it from a...

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...0. It was the best summer of my entire life spent with the greatest people, creating memories, and making the most of summertime. I remember before summer even started feeling stressed out about finals, which can relate to the darker parts of her piece. Once summer began I was that bee portrayed in her artwork just going with the flow, creating those hot pink splashes of memories until summer had ended. I think this is why this piece is so valuable and useful because I can relate it back to myself, my life, and the people I've shared it with.
Art really can leave everlasting impressions and make one feel like they were just caught in a memory from years ago. It can make one remember the past, embrace the present, and be hopeful of the future. The impacts and emotions that it elicits are truly endless which is why art, more specifically this piece can be so powerful.

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