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Colorist Culture Beliefs Essay

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The “Colorist” culture believes that light hair and blue eyes is the standard for beauty. People who fall victim to this altered view have gone as far as skin bleaching and extreme poisonous routes which have contributed to the deaths of women trying to stay in trend. Countries such as India victimize dark females with favor placed on lighter skin. Africa is a predominantly a dark skinned continent that has taken up the "fair skin death trap"; a country that should be praising rich cocoa skin, or darker skin that is native to India began to praise European like skin. The colorist view projected by society and the media leads to exploitation and the death of some who have subscribed to colorist ideals.
Colorism can be found across the world. The term is generally used for the phenomenon of people discriminating within their own ethnic groups. The phrase colorism refers to when lighter skin tones are preferred and darker skin is considered less desirable among an ethnic group or vice versa, darker skin is more desirable than white skin. The issue of colorism is rampant. The focus of this paper is to call attention to the effects of media projection that influence the mind of young dark skin girls into believing they are not as beautiful as young girls of lighter skin. Problems surrounding this issue include men and women undertaking dangerous procedures to attain to lighter “more beautiful” skin.
The world’s perception of beauty is predominantly geared toward people of lighter complexion. History shows that Europeans have proclaimed their beauty to the world through colonialism and slavery. Country natives were made to acknowledge the European’s self-proclaimed “beauty”. In South Africa the system of apartheid, kept “apart” the race...

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... she’s dark. Generally, the phrase colorism refers to the preference for lighter skin in an ethnicity or vice versa, darker skin among ethnicities, though this isn’t as common. The effects have claimed the lives of victimized women whose insecurities have been shamelessly exploited by the beauty industry.

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