Colorado's Recreational Marijuana Stores Make History by Michael Martinez

Colorado's Recreational Marijuana Stores Make History by Michael Martinez

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Colorado's Recreational Marijuana Stores Make History” CNN. CNN. 1 January, 2014. Web. 23 March, 2014. Michael Martinez has discussed the topic of medical marijuana in Colorado in his article “Colorado's Recreational Marijuana Stores Make History,” published on Martinez tells us that the sale of recreational marijuana in Colorado went very well. He says that there was little ruckus created when the stores opened their doors to the general public. Martinez tells us that Sean Azzariti was the first person to buy recreational marijuana at 3D Cannabis Center. Martinez says Sean Azzariti needed medical marijuana to cope with his PTSD after two tours in Iraq, but Colorado doesn’t define PTSD as a legitimate reason for medical marijuana. Sean was very happy to buy recreational marijuana to help his stress and anxiety. Second, Martinez informs us that the lines were so long and massive that the stores had to limit sales to an eighth of an ounce. Third, Martinez talks about how citizens of Colorado were excited by saying that, “Prohibition is over," blared a flier for New Year's Eve festivities at Casselman’s Bar in Denver.” He also says that some people are against it and believe that it is bad for people who are in recovery and children. Lastly, Martinez talks about how not everyone is adopting the law, because communities are allowed to ban the sale of marijuana in their community. Martinez summary of the events that took place was very good and stated a neutral side of the situation.
Hunter, Jack. "How to win a culture war: young Americans are more pro-drug, pro-gay--and pro-life." The American Conservative 13.1 (2014): 6+. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. This scholarly journal says that a lot of younger...

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...aught breaking the law, or even legalizing marijuana all together. Nadelmann says that marijuana users are the highest percentage of people in drug help centers or rehabs, but he says “fewer than one in five people” did this by choice. They were there either by a court system or because they had failed a drug test for work or school, says Nadelmann. He also brings up the point that some people want marijuana to be legal medically. He says that the government says there is no such thing as medical marijuana, but Nadelmann says that the government has several court-declared patients from a few years before. According to Nadelmann, one of the bigger problems of legalizing marijuana is government involvement. He says that a lot of people want to treat legalizing marijuana the same as ending prohibition, where the government will regulate and tax the sale of marijuana.

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