The Colorado State University Global Campus Career Center Essay

The Colorado State University Global Campus Career Center Essay

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In any workplace the need for a great leader with strong leadership skills are essential. A leader can make or break any business. Leaders should possess many skills such as communication, ability to delegate, commitment, creativity and an ability to inspire. Chuang (2013) suggests a leader must know what leadership is expected and execute it accordingly. Executing any task takes dedication, leaders must know their weakness and evolve them and continue to improve their strengths.
Taking advantage of all resources available will be the strongest strategy to take in being success for creating a strong, stable and achievable career path. This paper will demonstrate the use of the Colorado State University Global campus Career Center and all the tools it offers to help students succeed. This paper will illustrate career goals and professional skill strengths, along with how goals and strengths go hand in hand and create success.
Career Center
The Colorado State University Global Campus Career Center offers several different resources. Some very important resources include resume and cover letter writing, career coaching, ways to find a job, land a job, and keep a job. All of these resources are essential for College Students to utilize to set themselves up for a successful future. All the tools offered by the Career Center will assist in continued growth as a student as well as increasing the chances of being successful after finishing my degree.
Career coaching. Career coaching is one of the most important resources provided by the Career Center. It allows students to directly connect with College Professors who have ample knowledge of each degree they discuss with the student. It allows one on one time with any pr...

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...plains the importance of a portfolio and how it demonstrates appreciate experiences, competencies and talents need to do a job. It is a showcase of one’s best work. Pama (2015) suggests assembling a portfolio is the most important indicator distinguishing transition from student to professional. After completing both the Career Portfolio worksheet and Career Preference Questionnaire, I realized I was on the right track with my career path. The Portfolio Worksheet assisted with pointing out my work experience and education, which both lead me directly into project management and the fact that with my education and experience I will have an opportune chance of landing my dream job. The Career Preference Questionnaire helped me determine that the career field I would like to stay in matches my working preferences. The results for each form can be found in the appendix.

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