Essay on The Colorado State Model Evaluation System

Essay on The Colorado State Model Evaluation System

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Senate Bill 191 was introduced in 2011 with the intent of improving the overall quality of education in the state of Colorado. The state came up with new regulations to make sure all teachers were deemed as effective or highly effective and if they were not, there would be a plan in place to bring them up to effective status or have the ability to release them of their teaching duties. Fifty percent of the evaluation was to be determined on student academic growth; the other fifty percent was based on curriculum and professionalism. By the school year 2012-13 all Colorado schools should have been piloting their evaluation systems and revising the process they were going to use to meet the state requirements by the next school year. The purpose behind all of this is centered on rewarding good teachers for good teaching and getting bad teachers out of the classroom.
The state developed their system called "The Colorado State Model Evaluation System" and made it available for districts to use. The states system was based on five key priorities (CDE, 2014).
1. Data should inform decisions, but human judgment will always be an essential component of evaluations
2. The implementation and evaluation of the system must embody continuous improvement.
3. The purpose of the system is to provide meaningful and credible feedback that improves performance.
4. The development and implementation of the evaluation systems must continue to involve stakeholders in a collaborative process.
5. Educator evaluations must take place within a larger system that is aligned and supportive.
The key priorities are a great starting point in a process to encourage good practices and protect students against ineffective teachers.
The state allowed di...

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...d giving students ownership in their learning. This was in an effort to meet the many federal mandates in education like RtI and MTSS. If a teacher was not keeping up with current practices, the district wanted the authority and ability to intervene and get them appropriate training and/or have the freedom to terminate employment if they were proven ineffective. The ultimate goal here is to provide a learning environment that is best for students and does not include keeping a teacher because they have been in the industry for 20 plus years. Years of service should not guarantee employment if you are not meeting the needs of students. I think we need a system that rewards great teaching and does not tolerate bad teaching. With appropriate professional development and clear expectations, I think most teachers will meet the needs of their students and districts.

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