The, Colorado River Indian Tribe By The Blythe And Mccoy Solar Energy Center

The, Colorado River Indian Tribe By The Blythe And Mccoy Solar Energy Center

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On Thursday, Nov. 10, state and local leaders met at 1990 Dracker Drive with executives from NextEra Energy Resources and its partners, to commission the Blythe and McCoy Solar Energy Center.
Held under a canopy white tent, guests were served lite hors ' d 'oeuvres and glued to their seats, as songs of thanks to Mother Earth were sung by the Mohave and Chemehuevi songbirds.
As a Chemehuevi descent, Colorado River Indian Tribe (CRIT) secretary, Amanda Barrera shared how the day was both a joy and a sad occasion for those she represents.
“It’s an honor to be a part of this government and this entity,” Barrera said. “I am happy we were able to get together. This was our land outside of the boundaries of the federal government, and the footprints here, hold our history. It’s a beautiful day, but also a sad one, for I know we can no longer roam free here and get the medicines we need, from the land that was ours.”
Taking a moment to gather herself, Barrera thanked her elders who came out as supporters for the ribbon cutting event.
“I remember what we went through,” Barrera said (reflecting on the process of how they loss 4,000 acres of land).
“We are the only tribes in Indian country and this land has been very good to us. It preserves our culture and who are. It is fruitful and maintained us and kept us. It is disheartening the area we’ve come to know can no longer be used by us,” Barrera somberly said.
Grateful for the allotted time companies gave her and members of the CRIT, Barrera thanked everyone for giving the indigenous historics a chance to talk about their history share both their grief and happiness.
With a boost of great reviews by the speakers of the podium, Nextera was commissioned into a partnership with Kaiser Pe...

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...undamental contribution will traject California’s climate energy needs, as well as economical.
“By using renewable energy from the sun, the project will avoid approximately 774,000 tons per year of carbon dioxide emissions that would have been produced if the electricity had been generated using fossil fuels,” according to the Nextera Energy press release.
In addition, this project has created 1,500 jobs with $1.5 million renewable contracts instated, helping Blythe’s and surrounding areas’ vitality.
With their belief of restoring and protecting the environment, CRIT gave back the land that had helped them throughout the years, in return of helping homeowners have affordable, reliable energy.
Now having this alternative to implement safe and clean power, the ribbon was cut and attendees were happy for the next step in California homeowners’ and businesses’ future.

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