Essay on Color Theorist Researcher, Wilhelm von Bezold

Essay on Color Theorist Researcher, Wilhelm von Bezold

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Color Theorist Research Presentation Wilhelm von Bezold
Wilhem von Bezold, a professor in meteorology, was born in Munich, Germany on June 21, 1837. His father was the holding rank of royal privy councilor in the Bavarian cabinet of foreign affairs and he had ancestors that count back to the 15th century residing in the imperial city of Rotenbur on the upper Tauber. Bezold’s uncle, Gustav, was a prominent Art Historian. It is believed that he may be the influence on Bezold’s relationship to color theory.
Bezold devoted himself to the universities of Munich and Gottingen, where he studied mathematical physics. In 1868 he accepted a position as a professor at the technological institute in Munich. Around this time he married Marie Hormann von Horbach.
Bezold was primarily interested in the atmosphere and he contributed much to the theory of electrical storms. His career ranged in variety of scientific fields such as papers on color vision and retina, electrical discharge, climatology, rainfall, meteorology and magnetic observations.
His interest for art may have grown from the problem of color being unteachable to painters. Munich had one of the earliest painter groups to test the properties of the proliferating new synthetic materials. Bezold was fascinated by light and color and had great curiosity for art in relationship to science.
Wilhem von Bezold discoveries contributed to the creation of the color systems we have today. He is best known for Bezold Effect or optical interaction of color. He found that he could change the entire appearance of his designs by substituting a different color for the color which occupied the most area. When one is looking at a specific hue, the hue ca...

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...olors. Bezold recognizes the achievements of his predecessors and acknowledged the difference between mixing the addictive light rays and subtraction of dyes. With the aid of Maxwell and Helmholtz triangle, Bezold uses the detail of the triangle and relates it to an enlarged circle. Graduations are then arranged around the circumference of the circle and moves from one graduation of oscillation to the next.
Wilhelm von Bezold’s findings serve a great deal of purpose in the modern arts. His color theory along with other contributor’s was used in teaching students at the Bauhaus by various masters in the specialized workshops such as wall-painting and weaving. Classes like Color Theory use his techniques. Knowledge of the Bezold Effect is useful in fields such as graphic design, where artists can use combinations of adjacent colors to create the effect they desire.

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