Color 's Effect On Communication Essay

Color 's Effect On Communication Essay

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People tend to think of communication as the message which is being communicated. As we know, there are many other variables including tone of voice, credibility, appearance, and nonverbal cues like facial expression and gestures. Another influence on the interpretation of the message is color. It unconsciously evokes an attitude which can help or hurt the communicator and his message, making color a great influence in communication.

I chose to examine color 's effect on communication for several reasons. First, I find it interesting. It helps a person realize what to and not to wear to give a presentation or on a date. Color 's effect on our attitude plays into interior design when painting walls, although it is not exactly communication. It is also involved in advertising and politics. In class, Professor Elder mentioned that a politician has a person who chooses his outfits, including which color tie to wear based on the event. For example, he might wear blue after a crisis as an attempt to calm people down. Before researching this, I knew people have general preconceptions of what the color 's mean. For example, red means love, anger, or "stop" in America. Therefore, would wearing a red shirt in a presentation help or hurt? I knew that red catches attention but it also signals anger so listeners will perk up for the message but if someone disagrees or doesn 't like the message or communicator, he may become very mad or even aggressive. My real questions are this: do school colors communicate something to college students? For example, could students here at Western Kentucky University be more aggressive because the school’s primary color is red? On the other hand, are Morehead State University students more focused, calm, an...

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...h pink packaging (Khan). If blue is a calming color which reduces heart rate, could there be a link between Walmart’s logo and the fact that people everywhere are calm while shopping as if they have all the time in the world in there?

Communication 145 is the "public speaking" course, so we did not discuss visual communication. Color is vital in visual communication, so I looked at color in advertisements where I had interesting findings, as I showed. Like I said in my introduction, I only knew about the colors’ meanings and the fact that what color shirt you wear on a date matters. Everything I researched was new information to me, and I loved it. Color has a huge impact on my attitudes, which affect my daily life, and I had no idea that it was such an influence. I will continue to think about the correlation between school colors and attitudes, as I hope you will.

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