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The word “Negro” was a self-identification that the black community gave themselves. It showed the degrading era of America towards African Americans. Langston Hughes is an African American man who uses the literary device of allusion to talk about the treatment of the black community in the early 20th century up until the present. Darkness and shadows usually speak of the past or looking to past. Hughes digs deep into the dirt of African land where his ancestors are buried and shares the history of what he and his people have had to go through. “Negro” was written by Langston Hughes in 1922 during the Harlem Renaissance which was a time of African American development and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. During this day in age, racial pride was represented in the idea that through things like arty, music and literature, black people could challenge racism and this is reflected throughout this poem.
African Americans for a long time were slaves. Slaves were not even considered people. From ancient history to a few decades ago, slaves were considered to have no value and were treated unfairly. Slaves were considered property under Roman law and had no legal personhood. “Unlike Roman citizens, they could be subjected to punishment such as sexual exploitation, torture, and summary execution” (Barbarossa). Testimony as a slave was not legal in court. Guilty or innocent, the slave was always found guilty. Not only were the slaves considered property, but they also could not own property. A Roman slave could not hold personal property but could use their master’s property as their own. Slavery was around during the early stages of organized government in Europe and in America. George Washington was a slave owner for most o...

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...d to bring the poem full circle and to complete his poem. He is speaking for a certain group of people. All Africans can relate to each line of the poem and he expressed to us the pain and suffering that being a Negro caused. Negros were very degraded throguhout history and we get to see this frist hand frrom Langston Hughes. He takes through the darkness of his ancestors past to express to the audience just how corrupt our society was.

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