The Color Pink and Jackie Kennedy Essay

The Color Pink and Jackie Kennedy Essay

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The color pink is usually seen as a pretty, girly color; that is, unless it is tainted with blood. The infamous pink Channel suit was worn by Mrs. Kennedy on the day of her husband, John F. Kennedy’s, assassination. However, long before this tragic day, the public had different views of Jackie Kennedy. Fully known as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy, she was seen by many people as not very involved in the politics of her husband’s presidency (First Ladies' Library). Some believed that she did not know anything about what was going on in the White House. She was not taken as seriously as other first ladies because people only focused on her fashion. Even though most people only remember Jackie for her sense of style, she was an extremely dedicated and hardworking first lady involved in many political events and fully supported her husband.
Jackie lived an exceptional life growing up before the country had even heard of her or her famous pillbox hat. Jacqueline was born in Southampton, New York on July 28, 1929 (First Ladies' Library). She was very knowledgeable for her age and attended some of the most elite private schools in New York City and East Hampton. Jackie was interested in reading, writing poetry and short stories, drawing, and studying ballet from a young age (White House). Her writing background is very impressive. She won a literature award for her high school paper. In 1951, she was chosen with eleven others in a Vogue Magazine contest out of 1,280 entries. The contest was to design the whole layout of the magazine with a central theme, artwork, and all articles. Jackie ended up winning; the prize was the opportunity to spend half a year in New York and half a year in Paris as a junior editor for Vogue magazine. Unf...

... middle of paper ... in the many journalist jobs she had held. She was caring as she made her transition from writer to mother. She was an incredibly hard working lady, as shown through her White House makeover. She was resolute in keeping the culture in D.C. and supportive of her loving husband until the end. Next time, when seeing a pretty pink flower or blushing cheeks, think of the strong traits belonging to this amazing woman and the legacy left behind.

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