The Color Of My True Love 's Hair By Nina Simone

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inundated with this idea of what “good hair” is, to the point that it seemed natural to force that same ideal upon me. For India Arie, writing these songs during this time period, was extremely paramount. By going against the norm, she put out music that encouraged women to love who they are naturally, and understand that they do not have to fit societal beauty standards in order to be considered beautiful. In I Am Not My Hair, hair becomes a signifier of Blackness, that India looks to step away from. Hair, has always been a focal point of Black culture, and plays a role in shaping our identities, but India wants to argue the contrary. We are not bound by these material characteristics, instead we are so much more. In contrast to this, Nina Simone’s song Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair, is a song that focuses on celebrating the physical features of her lover, specifically his hair as well as celebrating the point at which they will form a union. One of the lines that reflects this is “When he and I will be as one/ So black is the color of my true love’s hair” . In the comparison between India Arie’s two songs and this song by Nina Simone, one of the biggest differences between the two is that while Arie seeks to distance herself from physical characteristics as a form of identity, Simone, seeks to align herself with these characteristics. Nina Simone, had a powerful role in the black power and civil rights movements during the 1960’s. She used her music to speak out on the injustices that she saw black people face as a community. Eventually, within her music career there would be a shift in the use of her music for individual gain to community advancement, which signaled her deliberate entrance into the movement . As s... ... middle of paper ... ...tand what those lyrics meant . Going into high school, I was very insecure about my natural hair. I was so afraid to wear it, that I resorted to getting a relaxer from the 7th grade until 9th grade and then eventually I would wear braids (a protective hairstyle) in my hair all through high school. I had been so inundated with this idea that straight hair was good hair, I could not see my coarse and kinky hair as good hair. The moment that all changed however, was the summer before my freshman year in college. I was sitting in my room listening to music and those two songs played back to back and at that point, I decided to embrace my natural hair. It took me ten years to realize two things, there is no one definition of what “good hair”, we define that for ourselves as individuals, and when we learn to love ourselves we can become the best versions of ourselves.

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