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Color For Students Of Color Essay

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color to be their support (Chapman 319). Since there is such a need for more teachers for students of color to relate to, one would think that the White teachers would try to cross their own cultural barrier to connect with students of color. However, they instead apply the colorblind approach. In Henfield and Washington’s study, they wanted to explore how white teachers navigate their own diverse classroom. One common theme that was interesting was that white teachers would defend themselves when disciplining students of color. The student would tell the teacher that they are being singled out because of their race. The teachers would defend themselves by saying things such as “ [I’m] certainly treating them the same way as the others, but they don’t see it the same way” (Henfield and Washington 154). The teachers in the interview also discussed the issue of “the race card” being played out, and not knowing what to do in situations like that. In instances like this, teachers are resorting to the colorblind approach to defend themselves of the racial bias accusations against them. Because the teachers were not discussing the student’s race, they are confused why the students are calling them racist and “brushing it off”. By ignoring the race issue being brought up by the students, even if it’s only in occasions when they are being disciplined, the teachers are refusing to acknowledge the power their race holds over students of color. They are denying their white privilege and invalidating the black student’s experiences with racism. This makes them less sensitive to the black student’s needs to succeed in the classroom. White teachers then started discussing what they thought could help the problem they are now faced with, with t...

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...e high school I went to really liked to consider themselves as a “liberal and inclusive” school. However I was still not spared from social phenomenon found in predominantly white schools. I had more on my plate I had to deal with than my white students. Learning to navigate a setting where being white and white culture was a norm was stressful and exhausting. If my high school were as diverse as they claimed to be, I wouldn’t have to feel singled out because of my race. For America to truly become integrated, we need to move pass the idea of tolerance and more into acceptance. White students and teachers tolerated me in their space since I “played by their rules”. By accepting each other’s differences, and learning how to have conversations about race opens up a space for students of color. Until we can do that, the dream of integration will remain a dream.

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