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The Color Blue By Goethe Essay examples

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The color blue is regarded as peculiar color by Goethe because it is a powerful hue that can be perceived as exciting and repose. Goethe mentions that blue is the opposite of the color yellow because blue is always accompanied by darkness while yellow is always accompanied by darkness. Since blue is very close to darkness thus it may give away negative emotions. “The appearance of objects seen through a blue glass is gloomy and melancholy” (Goethe, p. 171). His description of the color blue is similar to the description of the state of mind of being blue. The blue can produce a feeling of emptiness and sadness that can be an undesirable effect upon individuals. When blue is lighter in appearance, the emotional perception of blue becomes more exciting. Goethe compares the exciting feeling of blue to viewing the sky or mountains in the distance. Brands that use the color blue usually embody the brand personality of exciting, dependable and calm. Two examples of Corporate logos that utilize the color blue are American Express and Ford. American Express is a financial services company that uses the light hue of blue that is not too dark. American Express embodies the brand personality of being secure and trusting since they handle people 's financial assets. Many banks and financial services use blue because they want consumers to view their company as honest and confiding. In relation to Goethe 's descriptions of blue since he mentions, that blue reminds us of shade and the color draws us after it. Similarly, Ford’s brand personality is heavily weighted on being conceived as reliable and trustworthy. Ford wants the consumer to trust that their car purchases are safe and reliable. Shade offers coolness or protection caused by shelt...

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...n individual. Goethe’s outline of the perceptions of colors can be useful for brands to the production of a logo and his findings can be shown in a number of corporate logos. Arnheim examines the perception of art through a psychology viewpoint and explains how important perceiving color is for humans. He brings up the important issue of cultural differences regarding the perception of color. Companies should understand the differences that exist in the realm of color and it may be fruitful to acknowledge how different cultures may perceive the color of their logo. The creation of a logo is now a crucial component for businesses to differentiate themselves and to communicate their brand personality to consumers. Understanding the psychological influences can be fruitful for brands producing logos thus creating a stronger brand personality that consumers can admire.

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