Essay on Color Blindness And Its Effect On The Perception Of Light

Essay on Color Blindness And Its Effect On The Perception Of Light

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Color Blindness is often thought to be the inability to see. Of course this isn 't actually true. Colorblindness is a deficiency in vision that changes the perception of light (color). Each person sees light and color in a different way, however when a deficiency is present it becomes much harder to see differences in color (Bailey & Heiting, 2015).
Colorblindness is a hereditary condition which means it is passed down from parents to their children. Color blindness normally affects how colors red/green and blue/yellow are perceived. Inside the retina there are rods and cones. These structures inside the eye serve to detect light and color. Cones are able to identify colors red, green, and blue. Cones are mainly in the center of your vision. Rods serve the purpose of perceiving light and dark and are sensitive to dim light. Having only one missing or “broken” cone can cause the inability to see a color. When all three cones are missing severe color blindness is present, but even if all three cones are present a malfunctioning cone cell can still cause mild color blindness (American Academy of ophthalmology, 2013). Severity of color blindness is different from person to person. Mild deficiencies may only cause difficulty seeing colors red/green in low light. However this is not always the case. Someone with a similar red/green deficiencies may have difficulty seeing color in any level of light. Some color blindness is so severe that only shades of gray are seen. This is called Rod monochromacy or achromatopsia. Thankfully severe color blindness is very uncommon. Generally speaking color blindness starts at birth, however it can develop later on in life which normally means a more serious condition is present.


... middle of paper ... deficiencies. Although right now the glasses don 't cause huge improvement to vision it is only a matter of time before they work as intended. By far the best news comes from the University of Washington. Two university scientists have came together with a biotech firm in California and are successfully developing a cure for color blindness. They have created a shot that gets delivered directly into the eye. After the shot the patient 's vision should return to full and vibrant color. The two scientists have successfully tested this cure on monkeys and will soon be testing it on humans. The couple is hopeful that their shot is able to be released to the public within the next few years. Both are extremely confident that their cure will have complete success in the coming years and that color blindness with soon be a thing of the past (The Seattle Times, 2015).

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