The Colonization Of Turtle Island Essay

The Colonization Of Turtle Island Essay

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In the colonization of Turtle Island (North America), the United States government policy set out to eliminate the Indigenous populations; in essence to “destroy all things Indian”.2 Indigenous Nations were to relocate to unknown lands and forced into an assimilation of the white man 's view of the world. The early American settlers were detrimental, and their process became exterminatory.3 Colonization exemplified by violent confrontations, deliberate massacres, and in some cases, total annihilations of a People.4 The culture of conquest was developed and practiced by Europeans well before they landed on Turtle Island and was perfected well before the fifteenth century.5 Taking land and imposing values and ways of life on the social landscape created a conflictual relationship with the Indigenous peoples and forced a new way of life that ultimately destroyed those that previously existed there.6 The exploitation of human labor and the displacement of populations was how Modern Europe evolved.7 Accumulation of wealth by procuring additional lands, resources, and labor required colonial domination and exploitation. One perfect example of this practice was the exploitation of the European peasantry in the 15th Century. People forced off their land, had nothing left but sell their labor back to the one who took it.10 The Europeans determined to settle the New World were well acquainted with this practice and quickly conquered Turtle Island.
The new Colonial government believed in ‘Manifest Destiny’; a term that meant the United States was ‘destined’ to stretch from coast to coast across Turtle Island.11 This thinking wiped out most of the indigenous populations. Disease and a deliberate policy of annihilation used by the French, ...

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...dence, safety, and respect.
Some headway seems to have been made: In 2000, the BIA made a formal apology for their participation in the ethnic cleansing of America 's Indigenous peoples. Every November is "Declaration of National Native American Heritage" month, giving credit to the importance of Native American history. The reality is that today 's policies of the US Government regarding the Native population, merely reinforce and maintain the oppression of the Indigenous Peoples. I will argue that the steps that have been taken, many of them agreed upon by both Government agencies and Native Americans, are not working in Native Americans’ best interests. Are there possible solutions? If so, what steps, realistically, can be taken to improve the situation… steps that will finally truly be in the best interests of what remains of American’s indigenous peoples?

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