Essay on Colonization of the Moon

Essay on Colonization of the Moon

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The colonization of the moon is the first step for humankind to become and interplanetary species. It is the only logical choice, becauseof its close proximity to Earth. There will be many advantages if the colonization of the moon is success. The colonization will consist of three mission, each bringingmore humans to work in and support the base. The first mission will carry twenty-five people and will install the basic necessities. The first components to be installed would be the power plants and communication stools, as well as the habitats. Other components, such as laboratories, transportation devices, and ports would come later. The colonization of the moon would take around five years. Thesite of the colony is an important detail. It must be near many resources, especially oxygen, in order for the colony to advance as quickly as possible. The location must also have adequate topography for transportation. The moon's poles are the bestlocation for the lunar colony. There is evidence that there may be water near the polar regions . The poles are exposed to the sun for the majority of the time; this will allow the colony to be powered mainly by cheap, clean solar power. Thesignificantly less strength of gravity on the moon will have a great impact on the architecture of the moon. There will be less materials used than structures on the Earth use. The first basicbuildings will be tent like and block harmful rays from the sun. As more material are mined and collected, the building will increase in complexity. because of the lack of weather on the moon the structure will be able to reach greater heights with less materials. The living quarters in the colony will simulate the day and night pattern of the earth. Other aspects of d...

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...l be self-sufficient. If planning goes according to schedule, the first mission will begin during the year 2012. The first mission will consist for building the basic infrastructure and establishing communications. Establishing a source of power and the mining of necessary chemicals will also occur. The purpose of thisfirst mission is to make sure that the colony is ready for long-term stability. The purpose of the next two mis sion will be to bring materials to add accessories to the lunar colony. This includes a laboratory, a greenhouse, a telescope and other structures of scientific purpose. The lunar colony would be completed during the year 2017.

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