Essay on Colonization Of The Americas Became Increasingly Popular

Essay on Colonization Of The Americas Became Increasingly Popular

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As colonization of the Americas became increasingly popular, people of different backgrounds began travelling to America with different motivations. The Spanish conquistadors, for example, came to spain in the fifteenth century in search for wealth in gold and silver. Meanwhile, missionaries, also from spain, came for the completely different motivation of looking to spread Christianity each setting up very different styles of settlements. The Puritans in England first came in 1620 in a joint venture with the Virginia Company due to religious persecution under King James I. A decade later in 1630, another venture of Puritans colonized Massachusetts Bay lead by John Winthrop. Here, the Puritans developed their society, politics and economy in the New England. The Puritans put a high value on religion and consequently placed politics in the center of political, encouraged hard work which led to economic development, and valued a strong sense of community which brought social development.
The Puritans put a high value on religion and consequently placed god at the center of politics. The Salem Covenant in Document C describes the theocracy created by the Puritans by promising to “carry ourselves in all lawful obedience in those that are over us in Church” (Doc C). This explains that the people promise to be obedient to the church which is superior compared to the people. Because of their high value of religion, church is at the top and is the leader of the people. This excerpt comes from a covenant which is a carefully created document, giving the source legitimacy from the perspective of many Puritans, not just a single person. The Puritans moved because of England’s catholic government which would lead them to create a Puritan gove...

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... across New England and was its main focus. The statement also shows that it pleased God to find the man who would later start the Harvard. The priorities lie in God and the bible. These same ideas would not be found in the southern colonies due to isolation between people due to plantations and because the society was very highly stratified when compared to New England colonies.
Altogether, Puritan developments in politics, economics and society were influenced by values of a high value put on religion, hard work and a sense of community, respectively. These ideas helped the Puritans succeed in developing their colony and even spread to Hartford to create the state of Connecticut. Later, learning from ideas of religious intolerance, theocracy and more would lead to great developments in forming the ideals of the United States within the following couple centuries.

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