The Colonization Of 19th Century America And Jacksonland Essay

The Colonization Of 19th Century America And Jacksonland Essay

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Although A Land So Strange focuses on 16th century America and Jacksonland focuses on 19th century America, both works feature men who were willing to sacrifice Indigenous lives for the acquisition of land and resources. However, Indigenous peoples did not simply let this occur. In A Land So Strange, multiple Indigenous groups told Narváez embellished tales about prosperous lands in order to prevent him from intruding on their settlements. In Jacksonland, the Cherokee created their own constitution to participate in American politics. These examples are from the many historical events of Indigenous resistance to colonization. This essay analyzes why some of the efforts of Indigenous resistance succeeded while others failed. By looking at these main aspects, I will demonstrate that the conquest by both Europeans and Americans over Indigenous political landscapes were not inevitable. In fact, these conquests were difficult and often unsuccessful. This reality challenges the European construct which asserted that Indigenous nations consisted of ‘uncivilized’ people; ones who could be effortlessly subordinated and conquered.
The Spanish conquistadors desired to conquer the Indigenous people by Christianizing them, claim their land to build empires, and extract natural resources to increase their personal wealth. In A Land So Strange, however, these motives and objectives were frustrated by Indigenous political, economic, and military power. In Narváez’s second expedition, the explorers discover that the ‘Indians’ were “vigorously exploiting the environment”, “possessed intricate trading networks”, and “waged war on one another […] [like] their European counterparts.” Additionally, although the explorers did not see Apalachee when ...

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...o him because he paid them well. This allowed him to form a strong military with advanced weapons, giving him the upper hand in battles. Still, the Indigenous people had successes in resisting Europeans; it was not a quick colonizing process.
In Jacksonland, the Indigenous people resisted American incursions since they had land treaties and proved loyal to America by fighting in their wars. In one instance, Jackson thought he had ownership of the South Bank of the Tennessee River; however, it was owned by the Chickawsas. The Chickasaws complained to Washington, succeeding in stopping Jackson from selling their land. Furthermore, instead of resisting the Americans through warfare like some Indigenous groups did, Ross believed in peaceful resistance. He used the argument of assimilation; asserting that because the Cherokees were adopting white culture and since they

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