Essay about The Colonization Of Indian Land

Essay about The Colonization Of Indian Land

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On October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus received financing support from Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand from Spain to find an alternate route to India. However, Columbus landed in the Bahamas and believed that the Native Americans on the land were Indians. After Columbus’ journey to the New World, the Spanish, the French, the Dutch, and the English began their conquest and exploration to the New World to spread their culture, gain wealth, and spread their religion. As the Spanish, the French, the Dutch, and the English arrived at the New World, tensions began to rise over treatment of Indians and the process of the colonization of Indian land. Additionally, the importation of slaves from Africa increased wealth and goods for each European country. The four points that contributed to the interaction among Europeans, Indians, and Africans were the marriages between Europeans and Indians, Indian transformation from farming and hunting for themselves to making a profit and supplying wealth for the Europeans, the introduction of new diseases to Indians, and the importation of slaves to replace the mother country.
To begin with, marriages between Europeans and Indians were formed to spread the Christianity religion, language, and become part of the European society. In 1514, under the approval of the Spanish governor, the Spanish began to marry Indians, creating diversity between the Indian culture and the Spanish culture. Additionally, after the arrival of the Spanish, the French also emulated the Spanish culture through marriage between Indian women and French traders and officials. Even though the Spanish focused on quickly converting the Indians to Christianity and the French focused on allowing the Indians to keep their tradit...

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... and slaves for the Africans. When the Europeans brought new languages, technologies, labor force, agriculture in the New World, it created a change in diversity among the Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans. With the increase of diversity among the three groups of people, we could visualize a North American continent with only a group of Native Americans who lacked languages, technologies, and livestock to becoming what was the beginning of the arrival of group of Europeans desiring to increase wealth through the acquiring of land and slaves plus the bringing of new languages and culture to the Indians. If we were to look back to the 16th century, we would have comprehended that without the arrival of Europeans to the New World, we would not be able to have new technologies such as machines and metal tools, literacy, or products such as sugar, fur, or wheat.

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