Colonialism, The, And Expansion Of Colony Essay

Colonialism, The, And Expansion Of Colony Essay

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Colonialism The definition is the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition, and expansion of colony in one territory by a political power from another territory. It is a set of unequal relationships between the colonial power and the colony and often between the colonists and the indigenous population.The european was from the sixteenth to the mid twentieth century.They raced against their rivals in order to claim new territory.With the industrial revolution well underway the industrialized countries needed raw materials to be able to produce the goods. In return they were able to also gain goods from the colonized nations that are unavailable from their own countries.
Colonization by the european countries was usually disguised as bring the uncivilized people of the countries and modernizing them. When in reality it was the exploitation of the natural recourses of the countries. The thing that they also did was exploit the people of the colonies and use them as cheap labor. Even though the native people were the ones who were doing the most work they were the ones who still suffered the most. They were given small wages and often suffered from famine malnourishment and disease They often had little to no benefits and no political power rights. Meanwhile the colonizers were the ones who held most of the power and control.
The colonizers of various countries provided the colonized with manufactured goods, creating a dependency with a poorer less developed nation. This dependency was further enforced by preventing the colonies from receiving goods or selling materials to outside powers.Control was also enforced by setting up schools in the colony along Western lines, providing a Western education to the colonized. P...

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... build schools for the people living there. the creation of the schools led to the demise of the empirical rule of the dutch.The dutch colonizer that were in indonesia usually had a lot of wealth. The cultivation system was changed into a more plantation system easing the burden on the poorer classes. As the people grew tired of being ruled they created a nationalist movement. Later indonesia was controlled by the japanese.
During the 19th century colonization of underdeveloped nations was a race to stop rivals from getting to them first. The colonisers mostly took the resources from the colonies and used them for themselves. Even though they took the recurses they did get the underdeveloped nations and make them more industrialized and modern. They were also able to instal schools in some of the nations while in others they decided to leave them vastly uneducated.

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