Colonialism As A New Wave Of Ideology Essay

Colonialism As A New Wave Of Ideology Essay

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The time period after colonialism called for Africans to unite and prosper. The events leading to independence created a new wave of ideology. African socialism, African nationalism, irredentism called for new interaction between the Africans and the European powers that governed them. The evolving role of Africans leaders saw them taking back the power that was snatched from them by the Europeans. It seemed that Africa was deemed to experience a bright future.
The new ideologies that emerged with the independence of African countries came with the thoughts of educated African elites. For the “British administrators…the educated Africans before whom he felt uneasy,” (Crowder 1964, 204) one could assume this was due to the possibility of revolution. “In the course of colonization a new bourgeois class emerged in Africa composed of Africans who acquired Western education…the African bourgeois class…accepts the principles implicit in colonialism but it rejects the foreign personnel that ruled Africa” (Ekeh 1975, 96). While Ekeh does not refer to the African elites as “the bourgeois class” in his article, the two groups overlapped excessively, and it should be assumed that it was members of both classes that started the desire for self-governance.
One of the emerging ideologies was African nationalism. Nationalism is defined by Thomson as, “the desire that the nation should be housed in its own sovereign state, [and nation is not limited to borders], it is a collection of people bound together by common values and traditions, often sharing the same language, history and an affiliation to a geographical area” (Thomson 2010, 36). With that definition, African nationalism can be implied that the educate...

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...d the states remain solidified and united. “Nationalism has also triumphed in defending Africa’s new nations from separatist threats” (Thomson 2010, 47). Sadly some ideologies had pragmatic results. “The ideologies adopted tended to favour the interests of state elites, hampering political and economic expression in civil society” (Thomson 2010, 46). The ideologies were the source of some leading problems that surfaced in modern Africa. “Nationalism…may have helped maintain a degree of international stability on the African continent since independence, but the way it was applied to domestic public policy only resulted in a growing internal distrust between the governors and the governed” (Thomson 2010, 49). The new ideologies were birthed with the realization of independence, however corruption and a lack of transparency has debased their original intent.

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