Colonialism And The Socio Economic Construct Of ' Third World Women '

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Colonialism and the Socio-Economic Construct of ‘Third World Women’ Since the modern global economy was built upon the foundations of imperialism, a system of exploitative economic exchange and hegemonic ideologies still remain. A primary example of this lingering impact is the rise of transnational labour and gendered migration. This is a process whereby migrants flow from country to country in order to meet the demands of a global labour market and much like colonialism, its is largely dependent on a wealthy core vs. a poor periphery relationship. Within this dynamic, historically constructed identities and objects of knowledge play an important because they legitimize the exploitation of labour, especially that of women. This paper will examine how this unfolds in relation to Asian women and how colonial discourses like the monolithic identity of the ‘Third World Women’ play a key role in the contemporary economy. Today, there is very consistent flow of labour around the world in response to changing labour markets. Furthermore, employment within this network of transnational migration is often racialized and gendered through a singularity of interpretation. This is not a new system but rather one that has evolved from the era of imperialism and colonialism that preceded it. During this period, more advanced nations took advantage of the land and resources of less developed nations, while in the modern economy, these same countries look to exploit their labour. All of this activity is driven by international labour markets and operates within the context of domestic migration policies and various agreements between countries. It’s also largely driven by colonial narratives and imperialists ideologies that view the West as mo... ... middle of paper ... ...hallenging conventional notions of womanhood in Asia. They have observed how the roles and responsibilities attached to this diverse group are the end result of colonial discourses and they fail to address local, regional, cultural and individual realities. They are both homogenous in their nature and hegemonic in their creation, thus they need to be confronted. The ‘Third Word Woman’ as an object of knowledge, is a misleading foreign construct that has served a role for the modern global economy emerging out of its imperial foundations. Its about labour market demands and exploitation rather the genuine experiences and encounters of the women themselves. In fact, this is how the system works and therefore these socially constructed identities need to be dismantled and replaced with narratives about the individual, the family, community and of course, personal choice

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