Colonialism And Its Effects On Africa Essay

Colonialism And Its Effects On Africa Essay

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some of Asia were sketched and colored in yellow. Piled up on the surface of Europe and North America were dozens if not hundreds of shiny gold stones. Europe and North America were the only two continents with piles of these gold stones. Having been born in Africa, I quickly noticed the odd surface color of Africa. The landscape of Africa was dug up and covered with mud, unlike the other four continents that were also sketched in the cartoon. At the center of the dug up landscape of Africa were also shiny gold rocks, but only four sitting on top of the mud dirt. On the bottom left-hand corner are the printed words “Gold Diggers” in capitalized letters.
Since the early colonial days, America and majority of Europe have been guilty of depriving Africa of its own natural resources. In the 1800’s countries like South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria had a large amount of gold and diamonds, but those resources were taken away by wealthy nations. Colonialism and current exploitation by other nations have stunted the progress of many African societies. The exploitation of Africa’s natural resources started during the seventeenth century with slavery. For hundreds of years, Europeans dug up the wealth out of Africa to send it back to their motherland along with slaves. The continent’s most treasurable resource, its own people were trafficked all over the world. Slavery was a universal economic benefit; even kings, queens and some of the founding fathers were involved in the African slave trade. Centuries after the slave trade was abolished, America and Europe still rely on Africa’s natural possessions.
Even today Africa plays an important role in the United States foreign policy. President Obama and his executive branch are looking to Africa...

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...n reveals how powerful Western nations are drying up this wealthy landscape. He brought to life the deprived continent’s greatest possessions by using gold stones as a symbol of Africa’s resources.
P.J. Polyp’s political cartoon has influenced my opinion on the developed world’s effect on Africa. Western nation’s gold digging on the continent with many of the poorest countries shows that imperialism still exists. This cartoon shows how countries that are advanced and powerful take advantage of undeveloped nations with poor leadership. I do not know who to blame for the Dark Continent’s problems with natural resources. I believe that African nations will one day find their way out of this dug up the hole of poverty. With the right leaders, proper education and management, the world’s second largest continent will make great progress by protecting their natural wealth.

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