Essay on Colonialism And Its Effect On The Lives Of The Colonised People

Essay on Colonialism And Its Effect On The Lives Of The Colonised People

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Colonialism is a relationship of ascendency between an indigenous (or forcibly imported) majority and a minority of transcontinental invaders. Colonial rulers have the power to make the essential decisions that affect the lives of the colonised people, which are implemented in pursuit of interests defined in a distant metropolis. Through the ability of rejecting cultural compromises with the colonised population, the colonisers extend their supremacy and their ordained mandate to rule. Nonetheless, Colonial conquest is a term that undermines the complexity within colonialism. To fully understand this period of time, you need to recognize and accept the complication of the motives, methods, the events that occurred and the history involved. Through the distinct nature of motives, it is possible to disentangle them. However, they become entwined into one another over the process of colonisation as the methods through which the motives are reached become fuels for each other. Three conclusions will be illustrated. Firstly, as one motive is being achieved, it leads to the creation of another due during the process. Secondly, some motives merge within each other as they have a common goal. Thirdly, it will be revealed that some motives are merely just a façade for central hidden underlying motive/s. Due to these three reasons, disentanglement because unachievable. Only once you accept these three conclusions, can you begin to understand the varying motives and implications of colonial conquests.

Through analysing the British attack on the Algiers in 1816, the complexity behind any conquest can be revealed. During the 1800s, the Algiers (a former regency of the Ottoman empire) were using piracy as a prime source of income. Through th...

... middle of paper ...

... colonialism was a time whereby an endless amount of events occurred which numerous amount of states involved. Some as colonisers and some as colonies. Each which can be broken down into individual cases. Generalisations should not be made, stating that either disentanglement of motives can be done or cannot be done. Rather the approach to take is to look at a case by case basis and see which specific conquest is being referred to, what type of colonisation is occurring, which states are involved, what is the history behind their relationship and what method was used. Through disentangling the motives can colonialism be fully understood. However, the complexity and entanglement of these motives is what allows us to see relationships between the different forces involved which enhance our understanding of global history and its implications in the modern day.

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