Essay about Colonial Life, Taxes, And Revolt

Essay about Colonial Life, Taxes, And Revolt

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Colonial Life, Taxes, and Revolt
Colonists in America, under rule of the British Empire in the 1600’s, lived life trapping and eventually began trading goods with the Dutch merchants. With Spain, France, and England consistently fighting for absolute power over North America, wars began, taxes loomed over colonists, and revolution was on the horizon (Harrell, 2015). While colonists in America fought for the same rights as their English counterparts, Thomas Jefferson was drafting the Declaration of Independence, ensuring Americans would have those rights to life their life and choose their own government (Shi & Tindall, 2012). Jefferson’s new document inflicted upon British powers by allowing Americans to have rights based on their own choices, leaving the subject of taxation and those with unequal rights as a volatile debate within the British Empire and eventually led to the separation from England.
The Cost of Business
Trading was the main source of wealth and prosperity, and quickly became a greater source of wealth with the importation and exportation of goods. Town merchants began to build businesses, which enhanced the trading of goods with Dutch shippers, using the Atlantic Ocean as their primary trade route. Meanwhile, England began to increase their revenues by imposing new policies that inhibited the trade of the Dutch, requiring English ships to transport all goods imported into America (O 'Brien, 2000). This control, through the Navigation Act of 1663, allowed the English government to impose further taxation and duties on goods, creating the mercantile system(Shi & Tindall, 2012). As Shi and Tindall (2012) assert, even though mercantilism allowed the British to expand America through new colonies, it also prov...

... middle of paper ... colonists could enjoy their own choices in government via the Declaration of Independence.
The British Empire repeatedly went on to triumph over fights with Spain and wars with France, gaining control over North American land, leaving colonists at a disadvantage with taxation and unequal rights (Shi & Tindall, 2012). As Shi and Tindall (2012) assert, colonists of America endured bullying by British government over unjust taxation; manipulative tactics to increase revenue; and, rebellion and war over colonization expansion, they eventually triumphed in the fights for the same rights as that of their counterparts in England. Through an act of legislation and a group of five committee members, Thomas Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence, the revisions enacted elective government and independence for Americans and separation from England.

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