Essay on Colon Cancer Research Should Receive More Government Funding

Essay on Colon Cancer Research Should Receive More Government Funding

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“I know people are pretty well embarrassed just at the mention of colon cancer. Sticking a tube in you to find out what’s wrong is not a nice thing. But I can tell them, a 30- or 40 minute test is worth it. We have to make them feel more comfortable about getting screened.” (Eric Davis). Most people are not exactly sure what colon cancer is. Colon cancer forms in the cells of the colon walls. Colon cancer is a deadly cancer and can easily be prevented if more people were open to talking about it. There are multiple factors that come into play when discussing the causes of colon cancer. Many websites are out there and are working on educating the public about preventing and receiving the help and support they need throughout their treatment. Within the last five years the government has been constantly increasing and decreasing colon cancer funding on their half. The public needs to have a more stable form of funding, awareness and early detection, so colon cancer is not in the top three cancer killers.
The digestive system is made up of the large intestine which contains the first four to five feet of the colon and the last several inches of the rectum. When digested food enters the colon all the water and nutrients are withdrawn and the rest becomes waste. (N. C. Institute 2). Colon cancers form in the cells, which make up tissues, and the cells start to release fluids. In normal cases when cells die new ones replace the old ones, this does not always happen. If the cells are cancerous they can spread around the body and enter the lymphatic system. Eventually, if all these cells keep reproducing the extra ones can form a tumor. There are two different types of tumors: benign and malignant. Benign tumors and no...

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