Colombia: Guerrilla and Political Conflicts Essays

Colombia: Guerrilla and Political Conflicts Essays

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During the fifties in Colombia, General Rojas Pinilla got to power through a putsch hoping to end the violence between the two historical political parties, the liberals and the conservatives. Both sides agreed an exchange of power between them each electoral period with totalitarian states. The violence seemed as if it was finally going to end but both sides also agreed another point, to abolish communism. The communist party thus was prohibited becoming an illegal institution. Some of its leaders gather at the south of the country and created guerrillas, they rapidly gained support and power because of its socialist flags that pleased the rural areas. The 11 of April, 1964 the governments acknowledges the existence of the guerrillas commanded by Jacobo Arenas and Pedro Antonio Marín known as “Manuel Marulanda” or “Tirofijo” as the armed wing of the communist party and starts the “Marquetalia” operation. During the combats aroused from this operation the FARC got their name in the second annual meeting of their leaders.
During the next decade the FARC grew slowly but defined their guidelines. These were basically a combination of all types of fighting, political and armed. Also, the EP initials signifying the people´s army were added to the name of the guerrilla adding weight to their social and communist flags. One interesting guideline was their rejection to drug dealing and all what involve this new arising phenomenon which would later mean a great historical contradiction with what they would evolve to be.
Later, in the 90´s they would consolidate their political status with the creation of the political party the Patriotic Union, UP. The party was created after a peace negotiation that drove some guerrilla leaders into the...

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