Colombi A Long Violent History Essay

Colombi A Long Violent History Essay

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Colombia for the last five decades has gone through the struggles caused by the actions of several guerrilla groups in its country. Outside countries have defined the guerrilla groups of Colombia as terrorist groups due to the actions the group has taken throughout its existence. The largest guerilla group in Colombia, also the oldest group is FARC. This group has a long violent history in Colombia, involving it in both domestic and narco-terrorism. The guerilla group FARC has impacted Colombia in numerous aspects, as well left an impression for outside countries also. “In the 1960s, Colombia’s problems worsened with the appearance of Marxist guerrilla groups inspired by the Cuban Revolution, and further deteriorated in the 1970s and 1980s with the growth of the illegal drug trade. Large drug cartels controlled the production and distribution of drugs such as cocaine, and contributed even more violence to the country” (Encyclopedia of Intelligence & Counterintelligence).
The existence of the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC, or the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) began after the civil war known as “La Violencia”, Colombian government and another party agreed to share power with the country, however the Colombian government fell through and left the lower class defenseless. This was inspired by the Cuban Revolution prior to the formation of FARC. Forming in the 1960s, it was intended to serve as a way to protect the poor, but soon began to expand aggressively. It later because involved working with drug traffickers and gaining profits for the drug trade, also using kidnapping and extortion for profit too. By the early 2000s, FARC became one of the best-armed guerilla groups in the world. The ideology that w...

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...d attacks against single isolated posts, to open combat with an army battalion, and now to a coordinated and simultaneous nationwide offensive, massing forces against multiple high profile targets” (Spencer, 1998). Once Andres Pasrtana was elected as president in 1998, he proposed a plan that was intended for large amounts of foreign aid that would be used to fight corruptions, negotiation with guerrilla groups, and crack down the illegal drug trades with aid from the U.S. Instead of focusing on socio-economic issues, they concentrated on military army, resulting in problems for the U.S. Although the U.S. has provided significant amounts of equipment, they have been victims of murders, hostages, and plane crashes. This gives an insight to the outside resources Colombia has needed in attempts to fight against the guerrilla groups, as well the consequences for the U.S.

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