College Weight Increase : College Is Scary For Students Essay

College Weight Increase : College Is Scary For Students Essay

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Beginning their fist year of college is scary for students. They need to learn how to study for important tests and exams, pay for their tuition and books, and need to make new friends. However, what most first years find scary is the freshman fifteen. College weight gain has become highly apparent in freshmen that it has earned the nickname of, the freshman 15. Freshman everywhere are gaining 5 – 7 pounds within their first year and wondering why. The freshman 15 affects many first years due to limited healthy meal options, excessive alcohol drinking, and limited physical activity.
Students everywhere have access to multiple school cafeterias, food stands, and meal options. However, schools are not supply or promoting healthy or nutritious food to their students. Instead, Tim Horton’s, Sub Way, Starbucks, and other food companies are located on campus. Cafeterias serve meal options such as pizza, subs, and stir-fry. However, the most common food available at schools is junk food. Chocolate, chips, and chewable candies line shelves and baskets in schools. Snacks are mainly the cheapest and quickest food a student can afford. In the recent years, Universities like Waterloo or Guelph have been implementing healthier options of foods and a larger variety. Unfortunately, healthier foods come at a higher cost. Students do not have the money to pay for eight-dollar curry sandwiches or 5-dollar fruit cups. Instead they indulge in “dinners of French fires… and…in sugary and salty snacks” that are cheaper and more to their tastes (“The Freshman 15: Will Your College Student Gain More From College Than You Expect?). Due to limited options of healthy foods, students are eating high in calorie and high in fat foods that are causing them to ...

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...foods or beer will see an increase in their weight.
Post-secondary weight gain has become a common occurrence in freshmen that it acquired a nickname – the freshman 15. Students are discovering a gain of up to seven pounds of weight in their first year, due to their inability to watching what they are eating, consuming too much alcohol, and not participating in physical activity. School cafeterias’ provide students with high calorie, high sodium, and high-saturated fatty foods. Students not watching what they eat can consume too many calories in a day and find they have put on weight. Physical activity can help students control their weight and burn off extra calories gained from eating unhealthy and drinking excessively. Students can ward off any weight gain in their college years by watching how many calories they eat and by getting enough physical activity.

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