College Tuition And Its Benefits Essay examples

College Tuition And Its Benefits Essay examples

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Throughout my k-12 education, my father stressed how important attending college was. He worked long hours to provide for my brother and I, so that one day we can attend college. My father struggled to pay for tuition when he was a sophomore in college. Which, lead him to dropping out. However, he had a different vision for my brother and I. His goal was for my brother and I to attend college and graduate debt free. Planning 18 years in advance, my father opened the Texas Tomorrow Fund for my brother and I, so that one day we could obtain a college education, without tuition ever haunting us.
The debate on college tuition and its benefits has been a controversial topic in America. It is a fact that tuition has been skyrocketing for the past few decades. However, disagreement often occurs on why tuition has increased and whether a postsecondary education is beneficial. There are four factors contributing to the increase in tuition: administration and faculty salaries, construction of amenities, federal aid, and state funding cuts. In the following paragraphs, these factors will be discussed along with the pros and cons of acquiring a college education.
First, faculty and administration drives up the price of tuition. According to Paul F. Campos, law professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and contributor to the New York Times, faculty seems to have a small correlation with the price of tuition. Since 1970, there has been a slight increase in the salaries of full-time faculty members. Furthermore, most of the postsecondary faculty members are part-time employees who earn lower salaries than full-time employees. Campos states "increased spending has not been going in to the pockets of the typical professor" (Campos 3). Inst...

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... professor at Columbia Business School, states having a bachelor degree is less rare than it was a few years ago ("Is a College. . ." 7). Now, students must obtain an education further than a bachelor degree, making a master 's degree the "new bachelors degree" ("Is a College. . ." 7).
Furthermore, since a bachelor degree is common amongst the workforce, some jobs often reject applicants with a bachelor degree. This leads recent graduates to a job that does not require a bachelors degree. According to the Department of Labor, "17 million college graduates were in positions that did not require a college education" ("Is a College. . ." 3). As for the college graduates in these positions, they were making 30%-40% less than a graduate who was employed in a position that required a college degree. Therefore, this is pressuring students to receive a graduates degree.

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