College Tuition And High School Essay

College Tuition And High School Essay

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It is unbelievable that just forty years ago college tuition had been in the triple digits. Currently, the average cost of tuition at an in-state public college is nearly $10,000; moreover, private college tuition exceeds $30,000. These institutions are raising their price in order to pay for the best professors, athletics, and extra amenities. Because of the soaring price tag of higher education, less people are applying to four year institutions, graduates are drowning in debt, and families’ futures are unstable.
After numerous years of a steady increase, the number of people applying to four-year college institutions has tapered off. The skyrocketing price of college has deterred several high school graduates from furthering their education. Some believe that going directly into the work force after high school is more ideal than staying in debt for numerous years after graduation. Lower income students feel as if they simply cannot afford to travel any farther with their education. Even though the number of students who are applying to four year institutions are dropping, there are scores of people who choose to go to two-year community colleges. Costing less and living close to home are just two reasons why people choose to go to community college. Furthermore, local community colleges usually offer dual enrollment courses. Thus, numerous students take advantage of these courses in hopes of finishing a college course in high school without spending a dime. However, some colleges will not accept the dual enrollment courses, so students should always do their research. Another alternative to a four-year college is going to trade school or doing technical education during high school. As an example, studen...

... middle of paper ... years of college. Numerous people see college as not worth it due to the radical cost. Although receiving a masters or a doctorate degree allows people to earn more money, they will also have more tuition to pay for. It has been shown that income from a doctorate degree is almost equal to that of a masters after the debt has been factored in. Countless students have not gone to college or have dropped out since they simply cannot afford it.
Due to colleges battling for the best students by hiring top facility, beefing up their athletics programs, and adding more amenities, college tuition has skyrocketed. The continuously rising price tag for college tuition has made it difficult for students to further their education. Less people are applying, graduates are drowning in debt, and students’ families are suffering due to the colossal cost of college.

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