College Students Have Fallen Into Poverty Essay

College Students Have Fallen Into Poverty Essay

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In the past decade, many college students have fallen into poverty. There’s a lot of issues that go beyond this topic, many people wouldn’t think College students could end up in poverty. Because, either those college students get scholarships or financial aid but, none of those could support a college student. I believe that there could be a more possible way for a college student to survive the college life and earn the degree they desire.
Hence, if earning a degree is the most important thing in a college student dreams, how could one possibly afford a four year college/university. There has been a comparison of rich or poor college students. Most likely the rich has firsthand of surviving a four year college but, the poor isn’t. At least 41% of low-income students attend these four year university/college that ends up graduating, which surprises me. Along the lines, 66% high-income students graduated. What’s really the difference between the high-income and low-income students, I believe that for the high-income student must have a trust fund while the low-income has to sign up for scholarships, financial aid, and possibly look for a part-time job.
My own view, however, is that high-income students do suffer with poverty in college by spending their trust fund/money with useless needs, for example, a special spa treatment, electronics, shopping spree, and perhaps a car. Some high-income students don’t tend to care what they spend their money on, unless they know they’ll keep receiving money for “college”. Some parents didn’t want their college student to become a trust fund brat by spending their large inheritance while expecting to receive more, their parents would advise to have them donate some to charity. I believe tha...

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...le being stress, I believe that stress could cause depression because while the student may be in poverty it can add up from the stress of school. They’re in pressure to be good enough to have a better and brighter future for their family members. Some schools may provide programs to help with depression for example, counseling/therapy or probably ask for advice from a close friend that can relate to poverty and stress combine.
Similarly, jobs can also cause stress if the student is a full-time student, which can put more pressure as well. Some students could drop out of college if it’s too much for them to handle. But, some colleges can offer you a part-time job on campus from tutoring or working in the cafeteria. It may seem not such a good offer but it’ll could support the student and their family if they’re in need of a boost.
Despite the stress of graduating an

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