College Students Dropout Of College Essay

College Students Dropout Of College Essay

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Have you ever had a moment in life when it felt like school is just too much right now? Somewhere in America everyday an individual is dropping out of college due to the workload put on them. Statistics shows that 30% of college and university students drop out after their first year. Yearly the numbers go up during the college period. We all know that not having money, workload, and lack of support in college are reasons why most students dropout of college. Along with family problems and just the responsibility of being in college can make someone want to drop of college. For example, the Robinson family has the first child beginning to enter into college this upcoming fall. However, they do not want to put pressure on their child on over doing it in college. The eldest child still however feels the pressure because he/she knows they are the first ones to set in example for the following siblings. Not only that but the family is suffering big and keeping up with money and trying to send a child off to school. The eldest child knows it would be best if they stay at home and get a job. The parents do not want the child to give up his/her chance of getting a college education. Yes, we all k now what causes a child to dropout of college, but how can college dropout rates be prevented. The question is what can a university or college due to help their students further their education and stay in school.
How many scholarships does a university or college disturb yearly to their students? As well, is it enough to help cover all expenses for a college student? Study shows that private universities give out more money in scholarship than public universities. “In all, 36 percent of private colleges reported handing out at least some fre...

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... but if you are a single parent do you have the support of someone to watch over your children. In closing, dropping out of college has a huge effect on the student at the end.
In conclusion, dropping out of college is not an easy task for any person to make. Majority of the time the individual in school does not have the support system that he/she needs. However, colleges and universities most do their parts to keep students in school instead of letting them give up on their education. Scholarships are available to help students dealing financial problems. As well, you can always take out students loans, there is never anything wrong with that. If the workload is too much to handle, find a group of friends or classmates to work together on the assignment to get a better understanding. Dropping out of college is not an option is a chose in which an individual makes.

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