College Students And Migrant Workers Essay

College Students And Migrant Workers Essay

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Nowadays, in China, more and more graduates get the same amount of salary as a migrant workers. As a result, someone said “There’s no difference between a college graduates and a migrant workers. We don’t need to spend money on the higher education.” In my opinion, college students and migrant workers are not comparable, because the former is the mental labor, the latter is the manual labor. We can’t use the wage to judge the value of a person, it is not fair. In fact,we can learn a lot of things in the university, otherwise there wont have so many people striving for university. So, why do we need to go to colleges in order to get a higher education?

First of all, college life is the establishment of an effective web of friendships. We can make good teachers who could help them effectively improve the learning skill. We will also enjoy their lives in universities and become more socialized. We can help each other in study or go traveling together, and thus we have fun with friends and increase our study efficiency. What is more, people will obtain opportunities in the universities to live with a strangers and learn how to get along with other people. People often have uncomfortable feelings to live with strangers, because they don’t know each other and sometimes their have different habits and personalities. However, this kind of experience will help them in the future. After they find a job, they need to how to cooperate with their colleague and suffer the bad temper from their boss,etc. Therefore, going to colleges is a great preparation for elites who want to triumph in the future .
Second, from my perspective, the other essential reason for going to colleges is to gain competence to live a better life in the future. Nowadays...

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...rstandings about ourselves after experiencing some matters and meeting some challenges; meanwhile, some certain characters and values which will affect and even determine our choices of position in future will be shaped and formed. 
 higher education can develop students’ personality, exploit their ability and teacher them to be a real person. The first sentence in the most famous book called “Da Xue” says “the principle of an university is to explain morality, to educate the citizen and to aim at kindness.” In the history, different social classes and different countries have different understanding and requirements about higher education. However, no matter which period and which level the higher education is in, no matter how it will develop, the function of any kind of higher education will never disappear; Namely training people and promoting human development.

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