College Student Development : Emerging Adulthood Essay

College Student Development : Emerging Adulthood Essay

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College Student Development
Emerging adulthood is a period of the life span between adolescence and full-fledged adulthood, and college students are one of the particular groups that are experiencing the emerging adulthood. The students’ possessiveness is still not as high as mature adults’, so they cannot make a correct judgment on every situation. Since the internet spreads all around the world, more and more people, especially college students, use internet regardless of the day. However, the internet is like a double-edged sword, and it also brings negative effects. Indeed, the Internet causes students to spend less time in study and physical communication, and it also harms students physical and mental health, too.
There are many different kinds of entertainment offering on the Internet, such as video games. Some of the students get addicted to these entertainments, and they no longer try as hard as they used to try in their study. Lee Kem in his article “Games Addicted Students” states that 65% of girls and 85% of boys are game players, and one of the eight game players get addiction (para.8). Apparently, many students spend a lot of time in playing online games rather than studying. They may initially play games during leisure time, but gradually, their immature mind causes them to play games unintentionally regardless day and night. Kem further establishes his idea that many college students typically prefer playing games rather than spending time on their academics (para.9). Since high school life and college life are entirely different, many students do not adapt to this transition. They feel that college life is cruel, so they want to escape from the real world and enjoy staying in the network world. Consequently, coll...

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...esides, they will have a higher probability to have injuries, since they may feel sleepy when they are working or studying. As a result, the Internet is one of the major effective factors harms college students’ health.
The Internet makes college students have an unhealthy lifestyle, and it harms them physically and mentally. Moreover, it causes college students to spend less time in study and in-person communication. To step away from having such harmful lifestyle, college students should learn how to properly use the Internet. In addition, they also need to improve their ability to distinguish right and wrong, because the information on the Internet contains incorrect messages. Furthermore, college students should cultivate a lifetime reading habit as well. At the same time, they should attend more social activities in order to improve their interpersonal skills.

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