College Ready or Not: Actual Readiness of Graduating High School Students

College Ready or Not: Actual Readiness of Graduating High School Students

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After years of education from K-12 there is still the question if a high school senior is academically prepared for college. Furthermore, it may be understandable for a concerned parent to pose this question but what about the student? In a survey of W.VA seniors, MMM MMM points out that “12.4 percent of survey respondents said they felt ‘very prepared’ for college, while . . . 10.7 percent felt they were ‘not prepared at all” (8). In these long years of education we expect students to be ready, but what does it mean to be ready for college? Needless to say, there is an issue with high school students being prepared for college. But in order to classify someone as being ready for college or not we have to come to a common understanding of what it means. A student that needs to take additional education to have the knowledge to be prosperous is not considered college ready (What Does College and Career Readiness Mean). When a High school senior leaves home and goes off to college he/she should have the potential to make all A’s throughout college. A student is college ready when he/she has acquired characteristics and skills from K-12, which include time management, perseverance, a drive to become successful, and a working knowledge of basic subjects: these can be reflected through, but not limited to, standardized test and the individuals GPA.
Today students go to school from K-12 earning their education and take a standardized test during their junior or senior years (sometimes sophomore year). The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and other standardized test are used by colleges across the world to determine if a student is ready for college. As a result, there are some individuals that disagree with the use of standardized testi...

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...ucceed, and the amount of perseverance he or she has, will most certainly determine is someone is ready for college.

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