Essay College Reading Strategies And College Success Strategies

Essay College Reading Strategies And College Success Strategies

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ENG001 is a developmental course at Montgomery College that is designed for students to improve writing skills, starting at sentence and paragraph level. The course is intended for native speakers of English who need more practice in their writing before reaching credit level English also known as college level English. During the semester there are course outcomes that students will be able to do at the completion of the course and the outcomes have been broken down into different sections. The sections are “Writing Process”,”Sentence and Paragraph Writing”,”Essay Writing”,”College Reading Strategies”, and “College Success Strategies”. In each section there a few major points that demonstrate the course outcomes in that specific section. One ENG001 course outcome that has been the most difficult for me is writing sentences that correctly use a variety of structures and one ENG001 course outcome that I have mastered as a student is incorporating feedback from instructors and tutors effectively when revising writing assignments.
One of the ENG001 course outcomes that’s been the most ...

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