College Provides A Program For Their Bsn Program Essay

College Provides A Program For Their Bsn Program Essay

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Laboure College provides a program for their BSN program that reflects on the associates degree program. In the associate’s program the foundation of the core nursing courses are taken. Within the BSN program the students take advice nursing courses and electives in relation to the program. Although, specific course objective and outcome were not visible, each course title and course description as stated in their handbook and website are aligned with the program outcome. The courses are organized in a manner that will build on the previous course. There is cohesiveness in the curriculum design. The courses’ descriptions talk about the nursing theories and core concepts based on the nursing process. The courses prepare the students to further their understanding and create a mindset of values and beliefs supported by evidence based practice. Individual courses are met through exams, projects/ presentations, a pass indication for clinical and simulation evaluation.
Contextual/Influencing Factors
Laboure college serves a diverse student and community population. Laboure’s baccaleaureate program occurs extensive courses regarding nursing, community, and culture. The Foundations of Community/ Public Health Nursing provides an overview of aggregates and communities, exploring factors affecting public health. Program incorporates extramural activities encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration and organizing care within the community. The curriculum requires general education course such as Intercultural Communication which enhances the area diversity. The external factors of Laboure are the school is in a suburban area, program provides support and services for students. Laboure receives large quantities of application fo...

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...eractive learning activities appropriate for the diverse community needs through presentations, case studies, web assignments, discussions, and critical thinking exercises.
Students ' expectations and evaluations for in class, simulation lab, and clinical sites are defined within the syllabus and student nursing handbook. Faculty evaluate students by exams and clinical pass/fail.
Acceptable NCLEX pass rates would be 80%, retention rate 90%, and graduation rate 95%.
Laboure College has provided support and services for students. The college caters to a diverse population between student and faculty with the outcome goal of success. The courses are ordered in a manageable sequence. With the recent change to a concept- based curriculum, faculty should maintain formative and summative evaluations to ensure students are able to understand and apply contents.

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