Essay on College Program Is The Future

Essay on College Program Is The Future

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College isn’t free yet! Free College Program Is the Future
College is the key to a well suitable and successful life it opens the door for us to a wide opportunity of careers. It also helps people revolutionize the world with all the educated people inventing and discovering new advanced things. I believe that us Americans, if we want to go to public college it should be totally free for the ones who aren’t financially set to pay it off without going into debt and taking out school loans. The problem is that many of Americans are choosing not to go but instead go straight into the workforce due to the fact that college tuition is very expensive to afford for low-income families and even middle-class ones too. Knowing they have the skills to succeed in college but don’t have the money to attend and then we Americans as a whole are getting less educated than other countries and not having enough doctors, engineers, businessmen/women, teachers, lawyers etc. to help us nourish as a country. If college were free there would be a huge increase of students attending and America would be more educated for the future to come.
On average, tuition for public colleges for in state students is $9,139 a year and that is not including room and board. If you add that up with the tuition it would be $18,943 and for some have no choice but to live on campus because they don’t live close to it and don’t have transportation to get their everyday day so it leads them to pay that extra fee by living there and putting them in more debt. Then there are the books you need for the classes which is $1,146 on average a year for a student. Then all the extra stuff you need like food, gas, clothes etc. it keeps adding up. That is the problem every other year ...

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...ition is at the highest it has ever been and is still continuing to grow which is leading students not to attend college because their family can’t afford it and they are scared to get into debt with all the loans they must take out. My plan is so beneficial for everyone in so may ways college is the key to the discovery of new things and more knowledge. It will provide you with excellent workforce skills, that you acquired from college and know you can help others by teaching, finding cures for diseases, and many other helpful doings. Knowledge is infinite and so is the discovery of new things but without college and proper knowledge it can’t be accomplished. The program will start a new era of more educated people in America and will give the students the opportunity of a lifetime that they would have never had without and will open the door to the future to come.

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