College Pressures By William Zinsser Essay

College Pressures By William Zinsser Essay

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Numerous college students today feel as if they are not adequate enough. So much is put on their plate, and above it all, in order to maintain moving forward academically towards a career, they must showcase themselves. This idea is explored in “College Pressures” by William Zinsser. He discusses why students are driven to try so vigorously in order to earn a step ahead, yet the reasoning is arguable.
One of the central struggles among college students today is that they are required to compete against one another to appear exceptional. In frequent cases, students are trying so vigorously to appear favorable on paper in order to be accepted into a prestigious school or to be hired for a higher-paying job. Additionally, students are required to compete against each other in order to obtain scholarships. It is commonly known that the higher grades one earns in school, the increasingly likely it is for one to earn a scholarship at all, and even in this case, one may secure one that offers increased money. This stems from a belief that higher grades signifies a higher rate of success, still this is not always the case. Scholarships are also limited in quantity, so if students wish to pay as little for college as possible, they are required to be the first one to place their foot in the door in order to even receive the scholarship. Furthermore, in addition to having to maintain schoolwork and, for thousands of high school students, jobs, a myriad also participate in extracurricular activities. Being a participant an extracurricular activity can show colleges that a student is capable of handling an extra work load and engaged with their community and education. Colleges hope for this due to the fact they aspire for students who will...

... middle of paper ... the best job is not the destruction of the world, countless people have families who wish them to succeed, and they desire to perform adeptly in order to support their progeny. Attending college is a privilege, however for various students, they are forced into participating when they don’t aspire to, and numerous students eventually graduate from college with emotional or psychological problems from been put through this system. Lastly, letters of recommendation can be difficult for an individual to write not for the fact that it is difficult to establish their student as worthy, nevertheless if they fail, they are partially to blame for the outcome of the student.
Scholarships, extracurricular activities, grades, the business of the college, and letters of recommendation all play a certain role in helping students compete against each other for a superior life.

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