Essay about College Preparation From High School

Essay about College Preparation From High School

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College Preparation From High School
College can lead to good opportunities that someone without a college degree can not get. College is very hard work and can be rewarding. Being responsible is very important because college is not like high school. Although college can be the expereience of a lifetime, with the class materials crammed into one semester college can become difficult. Incoming college students can see their grades drop and them getting behind if they do not have or do not develop good study habits. Getting bad grades is not good in college because it can either lead to academic probation or employers questioning the grade during an interview. The issue is that many students are not ready for college and there needs to be something that can help. Even the students who get good grades in high school do not get the best grades in college.
There are a few different factors in why students are not ready for college. First, It depends on the high school. In high school, the teachers tend to go easy on students. For example, teachers will try to do anything for t...

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