College Majors, Unemployment, And Earnings Essay

College Majors, Unemployment, And Earnings Essay

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The article written by Carnevale, Cheah, and Stohl ' titled “College Majors, Unemployment, and Earnings: Not all College Degrees are Created Equal.” Degrees are not all treated the same in the job market. Unemployment risks depend on the career path you choose as a student, degrees higher than a Bachelor’s degree do not always equate to higher employment, and unemployment is more relevant to the courses you take while attending a college.
The author’s believe that extensive research has proven that a college degree is worth earning. The author’s state, “A Bachelor’s degree is one of the best weapons a job seeker can wield in the fight, for employment and earnings.” The article makes the point that earning a degree distances students from immediate unemployment. America is recovering from a deep recession which leads students or recent graduates to question whether a college degree is worth obtaining. The reason behind this thought is that the unemployment rate is high, and even some college graduates aren’t able to obtain a job. The purpose of the article is to show potential college students not all college degrees earned after high school are treated the same by potential employers, but a college degree is still worth obtaining. The author’s acknowledge that unemployment for people with Bachelor’s degrees is at an undesirable “8.9 percent,” When compared to people with only a high school diploma we notice a dramatic change; student’s with only a diploma have a high “22.9 Percent” unemployment rate. The author’s continue this pattern, and then go on to say that people who drop out of high school have a “31.5 percent” unemployment rate which is inconceivably high when compared to people with degrees, and people with just a high ...

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... seem to have high employment, but not always high pay, The author reminds us though that some degrees can include high employment, security, and high pay, even the opposite could happen, and an employer could have high pay and little employment security. With all this said throughout the article points out that on average regardless of the few differences in degrees. Employees with a graduate degree on average earn more than bachelor’s degrees.
In conclusion the authors explain that not all degrees are created equally in the work force, As I summarized the article the main points discussed include how risks for unemployment relate to the degree choice the students make, also in some instances earning a Master’s degree might now always equal higher odds of employment, and employment is closely correlated to the courses the student takes while pursuing a degree.

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